Homocrin Hair Colours

Shop Now Tricolor can last for longer and applied twice or more for men.

Care and Instructions

Patch tests necessary for all hair dyes. Follow instructions as directed on the packaging of the product.

Why Order from us:

The hair colours we represent since 2006; which is almost 15 years to date is one of the very first hair dyes that did not contain all the harmful ingredients. Yes, it does contain certain amount to cover your greys otherwise we would by lying to you. Most of the nasty chemicals have been kept away.

This does not mean that one should use straight from the packet. Patch testing is essential with all colours. Follow instructions on the packet.

And yes, we were one of the first in the UK to introduce hair dyes without p~phenylenediamine, ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, added metals, paraffins, silicones and formaldehyde.

Whatever products on our website, we always introduce them after testing in our salon

( Saints Hair & Beauty Salon- Leicester) which was established in 1988. What does that mean for you… it means you can buy products from our site without the element of worrying 98% of our customers are happily using these dyes since 2006.

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